Using a Lip Scrub is once a week ritual for me.
Totally enjoy a good lip scrub to get that flakiness and dead skin away. I typically like to use a good lip scrub to gently but effectively remove the dead skin on my lips and the end result is smooth lipstick ready lips. What with me being a matte lipstick lover. And Deyga mint lip scrub was a perfect fit for it.

Price : 290
Qty : 20 gms


Comes in a small silver jar with a screw on lid.


Avocado oil
Organic shea butter
Almond oil
Granulated sugar
Mint essential oil


Has very mild granules . The avocado oil makes application smooth and easy and it has a fresh mild mint fragrance . Has a very refreshing pepper-minty feel to it.That’s the mint essential oil in it which will definitely wake you up đŸ™‚ It tastes sweet as well. I Sure did enjoy this.

My experience with Deyga mint lip scrub

You truly need a pea size amount of the product and gently apply this in circular motion all over your lips and wash it off.It physically exfoliates away all those unwanted build up and dead skin off the surface and leaves the lips smooth.And follow it up with a Lip balm.

Totally loved it found no cons in this one.

Along with the lip balm this is pout ready lip combo. I enjoyed using it in my lip care routine.Highly recommend this awesome lip care combo. Sure do try it.

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