Herbal Luxury VANYA Pure Himalayan Rose Water

Toning is a very important part of my everyday skincare. I love using rose water as a toner
especially if its natural without any chemicals & more so it works well on my skin. I tried out vanya pure himalayan rose water and was in for a surprise…. used vanya rose water for a month now. & I really love the it performs That’s because there are only pure & natural ingredients in it & it has no chemicals. Just as the product claims it has just extracts of rose in it & nothing more. So i’m totally loving this product.


Comes in an outer cardboard packaging & the actual rose water comes in an amber colored spray bottle.The bottle is very sturdy & of good quality . Can travel with it without any leakage.

Price : Rs 520
Qty : 100 ml
Shelf life : 2 yrs

You can purchase this either from their website as well as from flipkart.

Product claims


Benefits of using Vanya pure himalayan rose water


Well what can I say ? It does what it says 🙂


Product is Made in India.

100 % vegetarian product.

Against animal testing.

Chemical free product.


My experience using the product

It soothes my skin
Provides mild moisturization without any breakouts
Takes care of any redness from sunburn……it’s most soothing on the skin after sun exposure.
It makes my skin soft & hydrated
I use it as a toner after cleansing my skin. This step has definitely helped in the way my skin absorbs the moisturizer which i apply after it.
Rose water contains antioxidants which is very beneficial for the skin


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