Juicy Chemistry Chilli , Horsetail & Blackseed 100 % Natural Hair Serum Review by Get Beautiful




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Chili for hair growth? Really ! Ever tried chili for your hair?  well I did. But first lets get to why chili can actually be good for your hair.  It stimulates blood circulation to the scalp which in turn Promotes new hair growth and eventually prevents hair thinning. It also strengthens hair roots. It contains anti inflammatory properties. It might look like the lengths I would go for taking care of my hair but it’s because its from a company like Juicy Chemistry.  I love using natural ingredients when it comes to skin & hair care.




About Juicy chemistry



Juicy Chemistry products are made with natural ingredients.They are free from preservatives
They just don’t claim to be organic but are certified organic. The product comes in an outer cardboard packaging .They keep upgrading their packaging to make it more Eco friendly.



Price : Rs 1050
Qty: 30 ml
Shelf life : 6 months
Purchased from : Juicy Chemistry website






Cruelty free, handmade, vegan, Freshly made, Free from preservatives & sulfate. No synthetic fragrances or colors added to their products. Their products retain the color of the natural ingredients in them & smell of all the natural fragrances






Look at those amazing ingredients.
Its just not the chili but some other awesome ingredients in it as well like
Horse tail (which  is rich in silica and selenium which are responsible for hair growth and improving its texture)
Pumpkin seed oil
Kakadu Plum oil
Bergamot oil
Clary sage oil
All of which are packed with nutrients for your hair & is extremely beneficial to the overall health of your hair by nourishing the roots and scalp and strengthening it thereby leading to reduced hair fall and also for increased hair growth.




The product comes in an amber colored frosted bottle with a pump. This product belongs to a little goes a long way kind,  so the pump is just not user friendly and hygienic but also makes sure you don’t waste any. Just one pump is essential for my mid length hair. This definetly smells of chili and also of a whole lot of other natural ingredients. the natural fragrance lingers for some time & then disappears.





A safety cap is provided for the pump this will avoid any kind of accidental spillage, So make sure after using the product to put the cap back on.














I massage the serum on my scalp and also apply on the lengths of my hair and let all the wonderful ingredients work its magic overnight. I wash it off with a mild shampoo.





The product has a red tinge to it, of course it’s the chili in it. This is a non sticky, non greasy serum. It gets absorbed very quickly in your scalp. It smoothed my frizzy hair too. This bottle lasted me for around 5-6 months . It definitely reduced hair fall in me .But do remember when you use products externally just that is not enough . There are a lot of internal factors which determine hair fall & over all health of your hair. for instance hair fall can be hormonal or genetic or both. So make sure you get your hormonal levels checked periodically. Also check whether your anemic. Since these are the most important factors which are responsible for hair loss. Eat a balanced & healthy diet and also exercising helps too.





This is a great serum to use. It really smoothed my hair . It did reduce hair fall. My hair felt more silky and shiny. And yes of course I’m going to repurchase this.





It’s expensive.



Disclaimer :
Always do a patch test before using any product. This is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased by me. All views and opinions are my own.Information provided in this Blog is for general purposes only and not to be taken as professional advice. I am not a Medical professional or a qualified Doctor. What works for one person may not always work for another.







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