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If your looking for something to brighten up your skin & like me you like a good  face mask then you really need to check out this beautiful face mask from Juicy Chemistry.






Juicy Chemistry products are made with natural ingredients.They are free from preservatives
They just don’t claim to be organic but are certified organic. The product comes in an outer cardboard packaging .They keep upgrading their packaging to make it more Eco friendly.



PRICE : Rs 975
QTY : 20 gms





Juicy Chemistry products are
Cruelty free, handmade, vegan, Freshly made, Free from preservatives & sulphate. No synthetic fragrances or colours added to thier products. Their products retain the color of the natural ingredients in them & smell of all the natural fragrances. This mask has a citrus smell to it.









I have combination skin & the reason I picked this up is because i wanted something nourishing to brighten up my skin without leaving my skin dry. This mask has matcha which helps in clarifying your pores & Kakadu Plum which is rich in Vitamin C. This will really help in fading those acne scars and also help in evening out my skin tone.


















They are transparent about their ingredient list. So you will find the complete ingredient list and not just the key ingredients.They source their ingredients from the place where its grown directly. This is why I love using their products. I know for sure what I’m applying on my skin. And as always please do a patch test before using any product. Check whether you’re allergic to any of the ingredients. A look into the ingredient list above shows all the wonderful ingredients they have added.  Hibiscus is something which earlier i only used in my hair care but since i started using it on my skin realized how good it was for skin too.









The product has a grainy texture
It smell of all natural ingredients
It not just works as a face pack but since it has very fine grittiness to its texture it doubles up as a scrub too.










This mask can be used basic by just adding water or you can DIY it with other natural ingredients like rose water, curd, aloe Vera etc. My personal favorite has to be rose water as it leaves your skin feeling soft, supple & refreshed. I leave the mask on for about 10 – 15 mins until its dry and then again moisten it by spritzing some rose water and let it stay for an extended period of 15 mins or until it dries and then i splash some water onto it and scrub my face in gentle circular motions the gentle exfoliating texture of this mask gives a very mild exfoliation to my skin (Its very gentle, so you don’t really have to worry about those micro tears to your skin).













This mask is rich in Vitamin C.
It brightened my face.
It did lighten the acne scars on my face.
I have combination skin and prefer a hydrating mask. This leaves my skin feeling soft too.
This mask will not dry out your skin.
Great for sun damaged and sensitive skin.
Cleanses and nourishes the skin.
Totaly in love with the ingredient list.
They recently have introduced a return policy by which you can collect the containers of their products & once you use them up you can send it back to them to be recycled & can avail a discount too. Do contact them to know more about this.


It’s a bit expensive.


I truly enjoyed using this mask & loved what it did to my skin. Have you tried this ? If so please do let me know your experience too. And if you liked my review do comment your thoughts about it.






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