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It’s a review on another mamaearth product I’m totally enjoying these days. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, this is a fatty acid which is very beneficial for overall health of your scalp and hair. It is rich in Vitamin E so yes it is very hydrating. It also contains anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which makes it so perfect to use if you have dandruff and itchy scalp. I love using all natural, cold pressed oils for my hair, skin and nails. I have used castor oils in the past which i had purchased from local market. I really did not find any kind of improvement or any positive results from them. That’s because either they were not pure or had additives in them. But when i spotted castor oil from mamaearth I purchased it to give it a try. And wow I actually started seeing some good results over a period of time. Not just that the quality of the oil was so different from the ones i had randomly purchased from local stores.






Comes in plastic bottle with flip cap. All details regarding the product are given on the packaging.







Price : Rs299
Qty : 150 ml
Purchased from :
Product is Available at : mamaearth website,, Nykaa and purplle







mamaearth is a cruelty free brand
They are also a plastic positive brand as they recycle more plastic than they use
The product is free from mineral oil and silicones.
It is dermatologically tested
It is 100% pure cold pressed natural castor oil
This is a multi purpose oil which can be used for your hair, skin and nails








BHT butylated hydroxytoluene & Tinogard TT
both are antioxidants & stabilizers used in the oil








The texture of Castor oil is thick so I mix it up with other oils like coconut and Almond oil and apply it for my skin, hair and nails.





When I started using  this oil  I definitely was pleased to see a lot of improvement in my hair loss.
I guess it is because of the good quality and purity of the product. Been using this oil for the past 4  months and I can actually see a real good improvement in my hair growth. Every time I use this oil my hair is so well conditioned after shampooing. I did not use any conditioner after shampoo. This oil hydrated my hair real well. It added a lot of shine and luster to my tresses. What’s more it did reduce my hair fall and also did promote hair growth too. I’m totally impressed and happy with this product. I mixed it up with coconut oil and applied it on the dry rough skin of my hands, legs and feet. Typically I did this before a warm bath. This moisturized my very dry skin so well. I also tried it without mixing with any oil on my nails and cuticles . Now I have very brittle nails which keep chipping off. I noticed my nails were looking good and there was hardly any chipping after I started using this oil.






Oil is free from any additives, toxins or harmful chemicals
Contains no mineral oils or silicone
Dermatologically tested
Helps hair growth at the roots and nourishes the hair from roots to tips
It’s a multi purpose oil which can be used for hair, skin & nails
Very good moisturizer
Heals the scalp
It is anti inflammatory
Has anti fungal properties
It’s a great all natural conditioner for your hair
Takes care of frizziness, dryness, dandruff & breakage of hair





Found absolutely no cons in this product.



I thoroughly am enjoying using this oil. And It’s all natural, cold pressed and pure. If you like me love and enjoy using such oils for your hair and skin care then go ahead and purchase it. It’s a big YAY from my side.




Disclaimer :This is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased by me. All views and opinions are my own.Information provided in this blog is for general purposes only and not to be taken as professional advice. I am not a Medical professional or a qualified Doctor. What works for one person may not always work for another. Always do a patch test before using any product.





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