minimalist_ Niacinamide 10% + Zinc & minimalist_ Niacinamide 5% + Hyaluronic Acid 1%

The most buzzed about, sought after super star skin care ingredient – niacinamide ! I’m sure you got a bottle of it on your vanity and the percentage you’re using currently can also tell how long you have been using it. A niacinamide serum formulation is sprouting around the corner every now and then from a skincare company or another. Yes that’s how this wonderful ingredint is making its rounds in the skincare industry.

For me personally it’s an allrounder skincare ingredinet. Niacinamide is actually a form of Vitamin B3. So what’s the hype all about? This ingredient is packed with innumerable benefits for your skin. It not only moisturizes your skin but also decreases oil production so of course now you get it why every one loves it.It is for all skin types ! It also protects your skin from any kindof sun damage. In simple terms it protects your skin barrier. If you use chemical exfoliators in you’re skin care regime this is a must have. Also great if you have post acne marks.

why this ingredient is so popular?

It’s because its a real good anti oxidant, anti inflamatory, its great for acne marks hyperpigmentation & it evens out the skin tone
Its a real good moisturizer again we all dont want that transepidermal water loss !
It locks in moisture
Has anti aging properties
Improves the collagen production in your skin
Its PH is simillar to your skins PH
It also reduces the appearence of fine lines and wrinkles
Has anti microbial properties
Reduction in acne and acne marks

And to top all of these good things niacinamide can offer is that (According to studies) it can be safely layered with other skin care ingredients.But i personally would suggest to use one skin care ingredient at at a time I usually dont layer mine with any other actives i mean YOU DO YOU there is a lot of reserch on this topic you can find on the internet. i usually top my niacinamide with my regular moisturizer and thats it. Also its best to start off with a lower percentage & i think there Is no problem in continuing to use a niacinamise serum at a lower percentage. There’s no pressure that once you use a lower % you need to shift to a one at a higher percentage. Its just my personal preference the 2% one liked it and wanted to try the 10% one. both are really good.

Let’s get to the packaging

When i started off with the minimalist Niacinamide 5% with HA 1% it came in a frosted transparent glass bottle with a white cap dropper. It did come with an outer cardboard packaging as well. This formula is simple and straight forward and if you’re a beginner to niacinamide or contemplating trying one for the first time I highly suggest you give this a go. It comes with an added boost of hyaluronic acid which is going to give that extra hydration to this formula. This sure is a soothing formula for your skin.


Niacinamide 10% + Zinc
Price : ₹ 599
Qty : 30 ml

Niacinamide 5% + HA 1%
Price : ₹ 599
Qty : 30 ml

Look out for discounts during sale time

Purchased from minimalist website &

Key highlights of the Niacinamide serum

Fragrance Free
Silicone Free
Reduces Pigmentation
Paraben Free
Oil Free
pH: 5.5 – 6.5
Non comedogenic



The formula of the 5 % niacinamide is slightly thicker in consistency guess it is due to the hyaluronic acid in it. A few drops of this goes on so well on the skin and gets absorbed very quickly. I does not feel sticky. I top this with my regular moisturizer. I do apply this after my toner. So the 5 % niacinamide with the 1% hyaloronic acid worked really well. Now i have tried niacinamide serums from other brands & i must say i really like this one from minimalist.


The company has now changed the packaging from the transparent frosted glass now to a dark colored glass and has also changed the dropper to a much sleeker one.




The texture is much thinner and lighter than the 2 % one.

Now lets talk about what he niacinamide serum fro minimalist did to my skin

First my skin looked healthier
I have mature combination skin.This made my skin look moisturized and it did even out my skin tone….I do tan a lot. chennai is a very hot & humid place and every body is usually prone to tanning. I do get occassional acne. Because of my age i dont really get any cystic acne like in my 20’s or 30’s now.

Its only about 8 months may be i shifted to the 10 % one And I absolutely love the results of this one. This makes my skin look plump and so healthy. I dont use this every day i prefer using this twice or thrice a week. That’s because i prefer using my other actives on other days. Although it is recomended that it does not react with other actives & is kindof safe but like i already mentioned i prefer using this only in combination with my moisturizer. I did not face any irritation when i used both of these. It is recommended to be used in both Am & Pm skin care routines. I prefer my Am to be simple with just my sun screen & moisturizer & use this only in my PM skin care routine.
Now will i repurchase this?
Of course yes. i I really like what this does to my skin.& how this actually transformed my skin to look more healthier plump & glowing.It reduced my hyperpigmentation issues it does a good job with acne marks.

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