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Hey everyone!
I have never used a glow mask & wanted to know what the fuss was all about.Today’s review is on nykaa’s go for glow peel off mask. This is a product made in Korea. It comes in a very holographic, metallic shiny outer and inner packaging. you can find all the info on both the packaging’s.This is a gentle peel off mask. So there is no tugging & pulling involved. the glam factor in this one is that it’s a glowy mask


MRP :₹799
Qty : 50 ml
variants available : 8








Product is made in Korea.







It comes in squeeze tube format exactly like most peel off masks in the market. when your using the product for the first time you need to remove this tiny piece of foil with which the tube is sealed and then you can go ahead put the cap back on and start using the product .








Variant reviewed : MIRACLE LIFT
I purchased the Miracle Lift variant.
It contains collagen, witch hazel extracts,
retinol and peptides








Product Claims
Instant treatment that will leave your
skin lifted, firm, cleaner and toned complexion







The product is
SLS, paraben & cruelty free. Has a shelf life of 2 yrs before opening & 12 months after opening the product.








It comes with a silicone spatula which really is very handy to apply the product. you can use it for all your other face packs & masks too. This really helps apply the mask evenly and spread it well. the texture of this mask is bit thick. It has a lot of glam, glow & glimmer to it. Bet the glow only caters to the glam factor in the mask & does nothing to your skin.The problem with this mask is that you cannot apply it either way . You can apply it only in one direction if you try applying in the other direction, it balls up and gets crumbly. And also you need to apply this quickly in sections because it dries up pretty fast. I let the mask dry for around 20 to 25 min and then its all ready to peel off i could not remove this mask in one go .It came off in patches. It was easy to remove. It has a very plasticy feel to it.




What it really did to my skin ?

It slightly brightened my face & that’s it.
It actually did nothing to my skin
My skin did not feel soft which usually happens when i use a peel off mask.
Its a miracle lift mask. Honestly no such miracle happened. My skin did not feel plump lifted or soft. There are so many other gentle peel off masks which really work great & are very affordable than this one. I do not suggest this one unless of course you need this product to get some fun glam shiny selfies with the face mask on.

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