Nykaa Wing In a Blink Eyeliner Pen – Review

I am a eyeliner person, been using different types of them right from when I was a teenager.
This launch by Nykaa intrigued me. Not to mention that I couldn’t wait till I got my hands on it.
So finally your wings are twins! You get perfect wings on both eyes of the same shape & size. Woohoo. No need to adjust the shape & size of the wing on one eye to match the other. This is exactly what I need when I’m in a hurry.




Comes in an outer cardboard packaging.


It does graphically mention on the outer packaging that it is dual ended felt eyeliner pen.On one side it has a stamper (cool) and on the other end you have a normal felt tip.




Currently available only in one shade – Dark Knight 01








The product is

  • paraben free

  • Cruelty free

  • Vegan

  • Water proof

  • Smudge proof

  • Vegetarian

It does not mention the place of manufacture & only the place it was imported, packaged & marketed.

PRICE : Rs.549

QTY : 2.5 gms

SHELF LIFE : 2 yrs & 7 months from date of packaging.





The actual eyeliner pen is chubby than other eyeliners in the market. It looks very similar to the markers we use.It is dual tipped & it does mention on either side which one is the wing stamper & which one is the liner.The cap on either sides are sturdy & fits only the side it’s meant for.Initially it did feel funny using a very chubby eyeliner but then you will get used to it and get a hang of using it with ease.




And this is the wing stamper ! It just doesn’t look easy it is really super easy to use    🙂 Just make sure you stamp it at just the same place on both eyes. Now you can also get different looks based on the angles in which you stamp it. you can play around with the stamper by stamping half a wing either on the tip or the base of the wing  to create different looks. How about getting those perfect wings for your eyes in just a blink. yeah its going to be easy peasy with Nykaa’s wing in blink eyeliner.if your a beginner with eyeliners you might mess it up the 1st time. you will become a pro at this after a few tries. cos its so easy to use. If you love winging your eyeliner your going to love this product.





you  have to draw your usual eyeliner on your lid and just connect it with the wing that you stamped.you can also give an extra flick to your wing by extending the wing with the normal felt tip for a more dramatic look.











Very pigmented
Very easy to use
No need to reapply, cos its one stroke super pigmented product
The pigmentation stays on even after it dries. usually in most eyeliners the pigmentation dulls down when it dries up. But that does not happen with this. It dries down to a matte finish.
It is transfer proof
& budge proof
It is water resistant which means, when you splash water and rub it will smudge off a bit
It is a long lasting eyeliner




Wish it came in a much slimmer tube. You need to get used to holding such a chubby
liner while applying on your eyes.
It’s a great product so nykaa should have more shades available.
There is no ingredient list on the packaging 🙁


If you like to wear a winged eyeliner every day & don’t have to worry about spending too much time you really need to try this product. And for the days when you don’t want that wing just go ahead & use only the side for just eye lining your eyes. Its as simple as that.I’m really impressed with this product. Have you tried this one? Do let me know in the comments section down below.

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