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Hey everyone ,
Using makeup removers and micellar waters have definitely done a lot of good to my skin as they remove all traces of makeup, dirt, dust and I experienced fewer breakouts. It has become part of my skin care routine.
Cleansing balms are more gentler in the sense they come in a balmy consistency and do not strip the skin of all the moisture. Today’s review is on a Cleansing Balm from the brand Plum.
Plum E-Luminence Simply Supple Cleansing Balm. I use this as the first cleanser in my PM skin care routine. I just use my face wash in my AM skin care.








Price : Rs 545
Qty : 90 gms
Shelf Life : 2 years
Product manufactured in India
Purchased from :
Available at :, flipkart,,, Health& Glow stores.






Comes in an outer cardboard packaging. All details regarding the product are printed on it.


Product is suitable for all skin types
I have combination comedogenic skin type. This product did not break me out.








Yes after cleansing my face with this product I did notice a bit of a glow. It contains Carnauba wax.














100 % vegan
Cruelty free
No Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, SLS, PABA and any animal derived ingredients
Suitable for all skin types
2 in 1 cleanser to remove makeup dirt and impurities from the skin
Has a recycling policy #empties4good






There is a leaflet inside the packaging which says,
hello pretty lady !
Makes you smile right ?





The cleansing balm as such comes in this transparent round plastic contianer. It did have a foil shield protecting the balm but of course I had to remove it completely to scoop out the product.




At the base of the tub you have a peel of sticker with product info on it.







It also comes with a very cute small white spatula. For hygiene reasons Its best to use this to take out the product.









This is solid in the jar and is very smooth when you scoop it out. It has a slick balmy texture which melts with the warmth of your hands and very easy to massage your skin with it.The light peachy pink shade is so pretty.



My take on the product

Using a cleansing balm helps remove makeup, be it a full face of lip, eye and face makeup or just a basic sunscreen. I do use sunscreen on a daily basis. You can also use this on days you don’t wear makeup but feel like your skin needs to be cleaned due to all the dirt, dust & pollution. Just scoop up the amount you need and massage it in the hands first to warm it up then apply it all over the face and neck gently massaging it in circular motions an then rise it off with water. Now this is a balm so I do follow it up with a face wash do double cleanse. It does remove face,eye & lip makeup well, but i did notice it did not remove lipstick and mascara stains completely.There was a faint bit of stain on the skin even after I rinsed it off. This is when I feel a double cleanse with a face wash is required. I was able to remove It’s fantastic in removing my sunscreen and compact.



Is a good cleanser to remove makeup and dirt from skin
It is a non drying formula.
Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple
It did not break me out
The texture and consistency is very good.
You really need very little of the product. So yes this tub will last you a long time even if you use it every day
Packaging is sturdy
The fragrance is very mild and pleasant
Easy to apply and use


You might need a bit extra for removing pigmented products
Packaging is sturdy but a bit huge would be great if introduced in smaller size packaging
which would make it a budget buy too.



Disclaimer :This is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased by me. All views and opinions are my own.Information provided in this blog is for general purposes only and not to be taken as professional advice. I am not a Medical professional or a qualified Doctor. What works for one person may not always work for another








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