We have always complained of not having time for ourselves, well its quarantine & we definitely have loads of time which can be well spent. Starting of with some at home skin care. Skin care is self care. Here are some simple tips you can follow to ensure your skin is healthy and well taken care of.

Time to eat right

Get that glowy skin by starting with what you eat. Eat right. Eat healthy.

Stay hydrated

Drink adequate qunatity of water to keep yourself hydrated. you can zest up your water with lime, ginger, Tulsi (Holy basil) which are awesome immune boosters.


Enjoy at home exercises. There are so many on online which you can follow. Yoga( Helps to de-stress), Zumba, bolly wood dance, at home walking exercises (My personal favourite)

You dont need makeup!

As much as we enjoy makeup. Its Vacay time for your skin. Staying indoors, lets take a break from makeup. Let our skin breathe free đŸ™‚ This sure will help in unclogging pores on your skin.

Follow CTM !

It’s time to follow the basics of skin care. It can be as basic as a cleanse,tone &moisturize. You can add in some serum, essence, masks, packs. Don’t forget sunscreen & lip balms too.

Sleep well

Now is the time to catch up on all that sleep you never had. Sleep well & feel well rested. Sleep is very essential for good health & mind. It could definitely make a good difference in the appearance of dark circles around your eyes & reduce the puffiness too.

Avoid touching your face

Aha ! Weren’t we told not to touch our face by our mom’s, grandma’s, aunt’s to keep pimple & break outs at bay. Because when we constantly touch our face after touching other surfaces & objects we help transfer germs & bacteria on to our faces. Well it’s time to follow that Golden rule.

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