WISESHE Tear Shape Makeup Blending Sponge | Best affordable beauty blender?




Perfect makeup base helps achieve a perfect makeup look when you add in your lip & eye makeup. Choosing the right makeup tools along with good makeup base products is important for this.
Acing your base can be made easy with the right tools. Its really a personal choice whether you want to do it with a brush or a sponge. I prefer using a sponge for all my liquid & cream based products.
Doesn’t matter whether the products are sheer, build able or full coverage the right makeup blender / makeup sponge does the trick. Posed with an endless list of options in the market it takes time to locate a really good one. A plus if it’s affordable too đŸ™‚ That’s when I came across WiseShe makeup blending sponge. WiseShe is an Indian brand owned by Anamika.She’s one of the earliest beauty, lifestyle & fashion blogger from India. Been following her & her brand for a while now.










Comes in a very Eco friendly cardboard packaging. Can reuse it for storing your accessories. Would look real pretty on your vanity.





Rs1000 (Purchased it at a discount ) Do check website for any offers





Purchased Wise She makeup blending sponge from Amazon India.Blender is available in two variants.A tear drop shape & A tear cut precise shape. I purchased the classic tear drop shaped one,which is an edge-less shape with a pointed tip.



The product is
Latex free
Allergy free
Can be used dry & wet
Comes with a mini blender







The Blender comes along with a free mini blender. The big blending sponge is a baby pink shade while the mini blender is a pretty shocking pink shade. Both are tear drop shaped. The product comes in a very cute mini plastic container as shown above. Again you can reuse this one too to store any items you need. A mini pamphlet with details about the companies social media handles is also provided.
As always before using your makeup sponge drop it in a bowl of clean water and squish it out couple of times. You can also do it under a tap of running water. Completely squeeze the water out so that you have a sponge which has no extra water in it and just damp. Now your sponge is ready for applying makeup .







You can see what happened when I did that? Yes it completely doubled in size. the mini blender did increase in size a little but the big blender just not double in size but felt so so soft and squishy.You can make out from the pic that the blenders on the left is after it was soaked and squished out and the blenders on the right is before soaking it in water. The size difference is clearly seen.







The makeup sponge blends the foundation seamlessly into the skin without any issues. Always use a dabbing motion whenever you use a sponge that’s when you get to blend it well. There was even application of the foundation. It soaked very little product. It gave a very airbrushed look. works really well even when I applied 2-3 layers for a heavy base.







The mini blender too did a great job at blending. Was able to get a very natural look while applying my color corrector (so important when you have dark under eye circles and uneven skin tone) Applied my concealer with ease in the inner corner of my eye, the sides of my mouth, around my lips and over & under my eyebrow. It works fine while applying highlighter & blush to. blends all the products real well without showing any harsh lines.








Doubles in size
Is super soft
Latex free
Blends very well
Does not leave behind any streaky lines
Absorbs very little product
Gives a beautiful airbrushed look
Blends multiple products very well without any harsh lines visible







Found none
First time I’ve used a makeup sponge which feels so soft & squishy. It doubles in size too.Happy I purchased this blender. Will definitely need to purchase some back ups when I can.
This is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased by me & all views/opinions are my own.
Please do wash your hands thoroughly with soap & water & use a sanitizer on your hands before applying makeup.





















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