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My first purchase from @ybpcosmetics
and a growing wishlist.
❤️ I love reading their posts on Instagram. They emphasize so much on understanding your skin and its requirements.
Making sure of your skin type,any specific problems your facing with your skin is the first step you need to make sure of before diving into what skin care products your need.
I’m very choosy and picky when it comes to products which i use on my face. Nothing harsh for me. The truth being I do get lured by all natural products especially if they are a wash off face pack. Good ol’ face pack.
If you have dull lifeless looking skin with uneven skin tone coupled with some stubborn acne marks which ought to disappear you might want to try out a Vit C face Mask.
PLANT REMEDY Vitamin C Face Mask

Price : Rs1380

Quantity : 60 ml / 30gms

Purchased from  :   ybpcosmetics.com

SHELF LIFE : 1 & 1/2 yrs  if unopened and 8 months from the the day of opening the packaging.









Comes in a very Eco friendly khadi paper outer packaging.







  • Is an antioxidant rich mask
  • Helps regenerate skin
  • Helps in getting a brighter and more even skin tone
  • Helps to detox and deep cleanse any remnants of dirt and makeup on the skin
  • 100% pure
  • 100% natural












My most favorite part of this mask has to be the ingredient list. Top of the list is White turmeric. Something I have been using for years , now this is known as poolankizhangu in TAMIL. This will make your skin super soft and brighter along with its antiseptic properties. No doubt this has been one of the ingredients in traditional home made herbal bath powders. Next up is Vetiver and cinnamon both which i love in my skin care. And the rest of the ingredient list is what actually lured me to grab this one on the day it was launched. Most of which i have never tried before.





The product comes in a sturdy amber glass bottle  to ensure absolute protection of the product contained inside.





Instruction on how to use the product is given on the outer packaging as well as on the bottle too.








Once you remove the black plastic lid, It has an inner protective pull up white plastic lid for protecting the contents from any spillage.







Very finely milled powder yet it does contain soft granular particles which helps to gently scrub the skin. Not harsh at all.





Special mention needs to be given to the oh so so good aroma from the natural ingredients in the pack. It just wafts from the bottle every time you open it.





You can DIY this with any ingredient which suits your skin. I have combination skin type . I love using this with a no fuss natural rose water. I like to add a bit of soothing hydration to this mask by adding some natural aloevera gel from my aloe plant at home. Honey adds a bit of extra glow to the mask. If you have dry skin with no acne issues then you can add full cream milk or yogurt to this.
Apply, leave it on until it’s just about to dry ,spritz some more rose water/water so you can continue to relax a bit more or just delay whatever mundane job you need to keep doing & finally moisten it and gently massage and wash it off with plain water.




🌿Love the texture of this mask, it’s milled perfect not harsh at all.
🌿Has real good natural ingredients which worked great for me.
🌿It made my mature textured skin feel so soft.
🌿Using this for over a month and can see a significant improvement in even-ING out my skin tone
🌿It did surprise me by calming my skin down after a not so good experience with a new product i had tried.
🌿But the best part is it did brighten my dull looking skin .




It is expensive.



I love this mask i have no complaints or cons for this one of course, yes it is pricey.
Any favorites / suggestions from ybp? Do let me know.




Disclaimer :This is not a sponsored post.  All views and opinions are my own.Information provided in this blog is for general purposes only and not to be taken as professional advice. I am not a Medical professional or a qualified Doctor. What works for one person may not always work for another. Always do a patch test before using any product.






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